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Technical Caustic Soda Pearls 99% (Sodium Hydroxide)
In chemical, gas, metallurgy, petrochemical industries. For degreasing and treatment of packaging in food industry (dairy plants, fat-and-oil plants, liquor enterprises, tobacco plants, etc.). In textile, glass, rubber and other industries.
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Technical Magnesium Chloride
In construction for production of magnesia cements (Sorel cements), glass magnesium boards, magnesite slabs, glass-magnesium tiles, foamed concrete (foamed magnesite), gas concrete (gas magnesite) based on magnesite cement. In oil and gas industry as a component of drilling fluids and killing drilling muds. In chemical industry for production of magnesium containing compounds, including magnesium oxide, hydroxide and metal, synthetic hydrotalcite, synthetic rubbers and thiocol, as well as refractories and magnesium-chlorate defoliant. In textile industry for stabilization in carpet dyeing. In agriculture as a fertilizer. Also used for dust suppression, for treatment of sewage and industrial waste waters, for production of abrasive materials and as an icemelter.
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Technical Calcium Chloride
Food Additive E524 (Sodium Hydroxide)
As an acidity regulator, anti-caking agent, as a component necessary for contributing unique appearance to bakery products (dark brown thin crust) in the production process of alkali bakery products, for making and preserving certain body in the finished product in the production of jams, jelly, marmalades and other similar products including low-calorie products; products made from cocoa and chocolate; cereal products.
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Calcium Chloride Food Grade
Chlorinated Paraffin
Chlorinated Paraffin is used as a secondary plasticizer in various light-coloured polymer compositions (cable, shoe and other plasticizers, linoleum, films, etc.), in production of paint and varnish materials. Well combined with basic plasticizers, based on phthalic acid (dibutyl phthalate and dioctylphthalate) and easily introduced into PVC compositions used for production “flexible” (cable, hose, boots, films, linoleum etc.) and “rigid” (conduits, fittings) products.
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Liquid Chlorine
Liquid chlorine is used in metallurgy for metal degasification and purification (cleansing of primary metals from admixtures); in chemical industry for production of ion-exchange resins, chlorobutyl rubber, cyan chloride and sodium hypochlorite; in pulp and paper industry for pulp bleaching; for disinfection and sterilization of potable water.
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Technical Salt
Synthetic Magnesium Hydroxide
Magnesium hydroxide is used as a highly efficient non-toxic inorganic flame retardant, filler and smoke suppressing additive for the manufacture of almost all types of plastics and filled (co)polymer compositions on the basis of PVC, PA, PS, PP, PE, PET, etc., in pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of laxatives, antacids and other magnesium-containing medicines, in food industry as acidity regulator, color stabilizer, and the source of elemental magnesium.
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Synthetic Magnesium Oxide
In production of transformer steel for insulation blanket formation; as a vulcanizing agent in rubber production; as a filler in production of rubber, plastics, putties, adhesives; in production of refractories; medicine and perfume; production of chemical agents; cleaning from oil and oil products; production of various magnesium compounds; gas treatment.
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Product Documentation
European Safety Data Sheet - ESDS
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